Libraries in quarantine

 Libraries in quarantine

Libraries, as a fundamental part of universities, continually face new scenarios of change and challenges. This time it is not the arrival of the Internet, it is not the dilemma of changing from paper to electronic, nor the massive use of Google and other search engines to answer questions or work; For the first time, the futuristic vision of closing, of being empty, was fulfilled and not because its users had lost interest in going, they did so because of the restrictions and precautions established by the quarantine. In this new vital moment, libraries, as they did before, must find a way to adapt and continue contributing to the development of their students and community.

At this time, users need to continue consulting and using the information for their academic activities, absent personalized advice from the library, without being able to access training and with Sci-hub lurking, libraries have the challenge of ensuring that the content, services, and advice are easy to understand, easy to access and above all regularly updated.

Other issues to take into account in the identified user preferences are: (1.) An increased demand for downloading electronic journal articles; (2.) A preference for discovery services; and (3.) The desired ability to search for and retrieve information in the fewest steps possible. (Detlor and Lewis, 2006; Emde, Currie, Devlin, and Graves, 2008; University College London, 2008).

All these user preferences, together with the different platform offers to access information, and the variables identified by Ranking Libraries, allow it to provide library and website professionals with elements to design and build dynamic websites, interactive, user-oriented and with the resources to support education and research.

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Flórez, R.

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