Library and academic success

 Library and academic success

Showing the value and benefits has always been a priority for any business unit, and university libraries do not escape this reality, especially when budgets are tight and do not always increase to the desired level.

The traditional way in which libraries show their value is by aligning their work and results with the strategic objectives of the university. The latest ACRL studies identify new opportunities to demonstrate and increase its value and impact in indicators such as: student enrollment, student success, graduation rate, research productivity, institutional prestige, among others. These indicators should be used by libraries to review or reformulate their objectives and guidelines in their services, collections and their contribution to institutional results.

An adequate evaluation and measurement of libraries will help create a culture of improvement within them, and that universities see them as a fundamental part of academic and research training. For that, you have to change your perspective. The library must be seen and felt as an indispensable part of the learning and research processes of each institution, so that they are perceived as partners by the different units of each educational institution.

To initiate this change, libraries must begin to review the way they communicate their activities, include their statistics in institutional data, and quantify the impact of their services on student success.

Ranking Libraries understands these needs and provides the appropriate information so that each library knows in detail if its web portal has the structure, services and tools to communicate and make its services visible, setting the objective of showing its results in a different way.

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