• July 25, 2024

Category : Comparisons


Missions, visions and other utopias

[CDC photo]. (2020). https://unsplash.com/ From the administration we can talk a lot about the definition, importance and impact of the mission and vision in an organization, how these represent the why and what for of every organization; they demonstrate ambition or competitiveness, they are a reflection of their values ​​and purposes, they trace the path […]


Best library portals Latin America

People who work in libraries always ask themselves: Which are the best libraries? Which are the best services? What are the trends in services? Ranking Libraries offers information to answer these concerns. Through the data obtained from the variables evaluated in 390 library websites we can know the current status of the services, design of […]


Digitization in education

For some years now, there has been talk about teleworking, the digitization of jobs, the emergence of virtual education and the impact of new technologies on daily work. Each change was announced with expectation, but its implementation in practice was slow and many times it did not have the acceptance and support of organizations and […]


Libraries in quarantine

Libraries, as a fundamental part of universities, continually face new scenarios of change and challenges. This time it is not the arrival of the Internet, it is not the dilemma of changing from paper to electronic, nor the massive use of Google and other search engines to answer questions or work; For the first time, […]


Library and academic success

Showing the value and benefits has always been a priority for any business unit, and university libraries do not escape this reality, especially when budgets are tight and do not always increase to the desired level. The traditional way in which libraries show their value is by aligning their work and results with the strategic […]