Invest in strategic library management

 Invest in strategic library management

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Today with the new needs to offer services, attract and maintain users to libraries, they must offer their information resources and services with unique or personalized added values, libraries must start investing in tools, content or studies that allow them to adapt to the demands of new educational environments, digital transformation in higher education and blended trends.

Library managers need to be clear about the reasons for where the library is going and the outcome they expect.

How many times do libraries invest their budgets in electronic resources or databases that, despite the promotion made of them, the indexed journals they contain or the variety of resources they have, are not consulted by students, researchers or professors, and at the end of the year the dollars paid for these resources are not justifiable and result in investments that are difficult to renew or credit in the budget.

For this reason, it is necessary for libraries to invest in work tools that help improve their daily operations and position their services optimally, making it useful and necessary to purchase the Ranking Libraries report, being a means to reach goals.

The report by itself will not solve all the weaknesses and needs of your library, but it will give you information so that, integrating it with the strategic plan of your unit and the university, you can improve your positioning and management indicators. Allowing you to focus on solving specific weaknesses, with the vision of independent experts.

The advantages of investing in management tools for your library are:

-Helps manage, order and control services in a reliable, secure and strategic way.

-Streamlines processes and tasks, such as promotion, positioning and offer.

-Reduce costs in administrative processes.

-Improve customer service.

-Improve library productivity.

-Implement a culture of digital transformation.

-Support the academic success of users.

The report will allow you to focus on developing specific strategies to improve and position your library and save resources on activities that do not generate impact.

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